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Sharing of Clinical Trial Data - Workshop 19.01.2021

Dernière mise à jour : 8 janv. 2021

Finally some good news in 2021 !

On January 19th this year, our group and colleagues from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Faculty of Medicine) are organizing a workshop on "Sharing of Clinical Trial Data".

In the first part we will present some background information on this topic. In the second part in the afternoon we will discuss the design of a joint project.

We aim to develop a European project that focuses on demonstrating the impact of clinical trial data sharing and the best way to increase its value.

Below you'll find the program for that day.

9h00 - 9h15: Florian Naudet / Ulrich Mansmann

Welcome – Idea and goal of Workshop

9h15 – 10h00: Ulrich Mansmann / Irmak Ön Seker / Stefan Buchka

Overview of what is going on at LMU faculty of medicine

10h00 – 10h45: Christine Adrion

Munich department internal procedures for sharing clinical trial data

10h45 – 11h15

Coffee Break

11h15 – 12h00: Nick Plesnila / Michael Ewers

Access to data from clinical trials in the COVID-19 crisis: open, flexible, and time-sensitive

12h00 – 13h00: Christian Ohmann

Impact of clinical trial data sharing: a scoping review

13h00 – 14h00

Lunch Break

14h00 – 14h45: Florian Naudet

Medical journal requirements for clinical trial data-sharing: ripe for improvement

14h45 – 14h55: Florian Naudet

Funding opportunities (France)

14h55 – 15h05: Ulrich Mansmann

Funding opportunities (Germany)

15h05 – 15h15: Maximilian Siebert

Funding opportunities (Europe)

15h15 – 15h45

Coffee Break

15h45 – 17h30: Workshops (with the aim of delineating a research agenda)

Group 1: Studies about impact of data sharing (moderation: FN)

Group 2: Best practices in data sharing (moderation: UM)

17h30 – 18h00: (moderation: FN / UM)

Feedback on the workshop, agreement on research agenda

Please contact us in case you have an interest in this workshop or any other question.

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