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A training curriculum for clinical trial data sharing

Data sharing is a complex endeavor that maximizes the value of clinical research. In a recent piece, we argue that more biomedical researchers need to be trained in these approaches and we propose a curriculum that includes trainings in meta-research, data science and ethical, legal and social issues.

Patients support clinical trial data sharing, researchers want to share clinical trial data, funders and journals have adopted data sharing policies. Many solution now exists. But data sharing is far from being widely implemented. Indeed, many researchers do not know how to implement data sharing and many researchers do not know how to request data. We need to train a new generation of experts that can develop and implement best practices in preparing and reusing clinical trial data.

This new article completes the research agenda about clinical trial data sharing that we have previously published in PLOS Medicine. Based on the combination of the training program detailed in this new comment and this coherent research agenda, we have submitted a proposal for a European doctoral network. Last year, we were very close from being funded. Fingers crossed that this project will get funded this year.

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