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Our team

Senior researchers

Florian Naudet

Florian (MD, PhD) is a psychiatrist, meta-researcher and former post-doctoral fellow at METRICS (the Meta-research Innovation Center at Stanford). He's currently Professor of Therapeutics at Rennes University, and a senior member at the Institut Universitaire de France. His research interests are evaluating and developing methodological solutions to assess treatments in patients, primarily but not exclusive in psychiatric research. He has a strong interest in studying research wastes and data-sharing practices. ORCID

Clara Locher


Clara (PharmD, PhD) is a clinical pharmacologist and meta-researcher. She is a trial methodologist for Rennes Clinical Investigation Center (Inserm 1414). She is member of the Transparency Committee of the French National Authority for Health (an health technology assessment body). She is currently working on (i) quality, transparency and reproducibility of trials studying targeted therapy in oncology, and (ii) on tools to detect questionable editorial practices. ORCID

Alexandre Scanff


Alexandre is a public health MD, focused on informatics and epidemiology, with a touch of user experience. He is the geek of the team and always has a technical solution to solve the biggest computing problems. His MD thesis was about editors publishing in their own journal. ORCID

Researchers (students)

Claude Pellen


Claude (PharmD, PhD student) works for Rennes University Hospital. He has a special interest in meta-research and supports open science. His research focuses on the evaluation of the impact of randomized controlled trials data-sharing: does it lead to better or faster knowledge? How could it be implemented as a large scale. He co-pilots the French working group on data sharing statements for the French Ministry of Research. ORCID

Former researchers

Constant Vinatier 


At the end of his initial training as pharmacist -and after an internship as a clinical research associate- Constant decided to specialize in methodology and biostatistics. He is working now on vibration of effects in network meta-analyses and will develop some meta-research projects in order to improve research reproducibility. After a successful master dgree with ReiTheR, he is now working in the European research project OSIRIS.

Laura Caquelin


Laura was a PhD Student working in Rennes's Clinical Investigation Center (CIC Inserm 1414). Her work mainly focuses on quality, transparency and reproducibility of trials studying targeted therapy in oncology. She provided support in various meta-research projects related with the ReiTheR program. She was successful in defending her PhD Thesis. ORCID

Damien Bergeat


Damien (MD, PhD) is an upper GI surgeon who is interested in the reproducibility of research in the field of surgery. His project evaluates the promotion of transparency in surgical research by focusing on data sharing practices and their implementation. ORCID

Jeanne Gaba

IMG-20180902-WA0006 (2).jpg

Jeanne (PhD) was a PhD student involved in the ReiTheR project. Her thesis was focused on the description of funders' data-sharing policies and the inferential reproducibility of randomized controlled trials available on data-sharing platforms. She was successful in defending her PhD thesis. ORCID

Maximilian Siebert


Max (PharmD, PhD) was a PhD student involved in the ReiTheR project. His thesis was focused on data-sharing policies of medical journals and the reproducibility of randomized controlled trials that led to marketing authorization of drugs in the European Union. He was successful in defending his PhD thesis. ORCID

Norah Anthony


Norah is a public health MD interested in methods and statistics in epidemiology and clinical research. Her MD thesis was about impact of clinical trials data re-use. She has also developed an interest in registered reports. ORCID

Henri Gouraud


Henri is a medical student student at Rennes University. He was a master student involved in the ReiTheR project. Henri has an interested in studying the output of data sharing platforms, especially in the context of MIPD meta-analyses. We are looking forward to working with Henri in a near future, when he will become a resident. ORCID

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