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Sharing of Clinical Trial Data - 2nd Workshop 1.04.2021

Dernière mise à jour : 14 mai 2021

Again some good news!

On April the 1st this year, our group and colleagues from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Faculty of Medicine) are organizing a second workshop on "Sharing of Clinical Trial Data".

Again, we will present some background information on this topic and we will discuss the design of a joint project. We aim to develop a European project that focuses on demonstrating the impact of clinical trial data sharing and the best way to increase its value.

Below you'll find the program for that day.

9.15 AM-9.30 AM – Welcome: idea and goal of the Workshop (Florian Naudet and Ulrich Mansmann)


9.30 AM-10.00 AM – Best practices in data management for IIT (Investigators Initiated Trials) (Ulrich Mansmann)

10.00 AM 10.30AM – The relevance of Data Linkage and Record Linkage for the National Research Data Infrastructure for health (NFDI4health) (Uli Sax)

10.30 AM-11.00 AM – Open science practices in clinical psychology journals (Ioana Cristea)


11.00 AM-11.30 AM – French Open Science Monitor (Eric Jeangirard and Emmanuel Weisenburger)

11.30 AM-12.00 AM – Omics Discovery Index: Quantifying the impact of public omics data (Henning Hermjakob)

12.00 AM-12.30 AM – Deduplication and Quality Indicators of Clinical Trials in Germany (Christian Thiele)


1.30 PM-2.00 PM – ‘Automated screening working group’ ( an international group of screening tool creators that combined their tools to a single pipeline (Tracey Weissgerber and Nico Riedel)

2.00 PM -2.20 AM – Horizon EUROPE: HORIZON-2021-ERA-D3-01-4-1: Modeling and quantifying the impacts of open science practice (Maximilian Siebert)


2.30 PM- 4.00 PM – Best practices and Impact (Florian Naudet and Ulrich Mansmann)



5.00 PM-5.30 PM – Characteristics of available studies and dissemination of research using major clinical data sharing platforms (Enrique Vazquez and/or Joshua D. Wallach)

5.30 AM – 6.00 PM – Assessment of transparency indicators across the biomedical literature: How open is open? (Stylianos Serghiou)

6.00 PM – 6.15 PM – Final discussion, building a consortium, next steps (Florian Naudet and Ulrich Mansmann)

Please contact us in case you have an interest in this workshop or any other question.

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